About I3P Marketplace

i3P is an integrated open digital marketplace that promotes, facilitates, and executes the trading of strategic assets and artifacts such as strategic projects (e.g. BOT), Invoices, Tenders, Real-estates, Resources, and Entrepreneurs Equities.

This marketplace comprises six integrated marketplaces i.e. BOT Marketplace, Invoice Marketplace, Tender Marketplace, Real-estate Marketplace, Resources Marketplace, and Entrepreneurship Marketplace.

Projects and Investment Enticement

We disruptively entice investments using diversified financial instruments, intelligent marketplaces, high symmetric information models, and advanced artificial intelligence. This is mainly accomplished via the following unique competencies:

  •  Disruptively stimulate the efficient enticement of domestic and international investments required to execute strategic and innovative projects
  •  Entice project with enormous values that were cultivated via innovation and complementers ecosystem
  •  Develop diverse values for different stakeholders, and foster novel investment and engagement opportunities
  •  Minimizes value at risk via high information symmetry models, and innovative capital guarantee models
  •  Entice the inflow of investment via low risk and high return financial instruments
  •  Foster entrepreneurship by leveraging the agile access to financial and non-financial resources

Accelerating Public Finance Transformation

Our intelligent marketplaces are designed to accelerate public finance transformational frog-leaping via the following attributes:

  •  Promote fiscal policy agility via novel financial PPP instruments for strategic public sector projects execution
  •  Promoting the inception of public sector projects with higher maturity to achieve their ultimate objectives efficiently
  •  Delegating public projects to private sector using innovative BOT Instruments
  •  Resolve Government payables impediments and anomalies via innovative multi-sided invoice factoring marketplace
  •  Enhance government procurement lifecycle, and quality using intelligent tendering, and resources marketplaces
  •  Multiplication of scarce financial resources via indigenous and exogenous multipliers

Disruptive Public Private Partnership Engagements

Current Public Private Partnership (PPP) are confronting numerous impediments and pitfalls due to information asymmetry, initial high investment, contractual anomalies, dysfunctional role segregation, very high execution complexity, ambiguous value for money visibility, inability to entice adequate private sector engagements … etc. As such, the main objective of i3P marketplace is to resolve these impediments from their root causes.

This is accomplished via the following unique competencies of these integrated marketplaces:

  •  Redefining Public Private Partnership (PPP) using novel and innovative engagement models empowered by artificial intelligence
  •  Provide well-orchestrated incentives and values to private sectors to readily engage them in PPP initiatives, models, and instruments
  •  Develop diverse values for different stakeholders using the power of an intelligent symbiotic ecosystem that brings together investors, developers, innovators, regulators, government agencies, complementers ... etc
  •  Develop very low risk, and high return opportunities to incentivize private sectors to readily join PPP engagements
  •  Develop Public Sector projects with disruptive approach and values to efficiently meet their ultimate values
  •  Render an efficient, and flexible vehicle for incremental privatization that quenches financial, and non-financial goals under adverse constraints
  •  Provide Public and Private sectors diversified financing instruments from multitude sources
  •  Promote financial resource reusability to stimulate non-linear growth multiplier

Efficient Contribution to Economic Growth

Integrated markets in i3P are designed to contribute in the efficient implementation of strategic projects that have unique, and self-enforcing contribution to economic growth of any nation This is accomplished with the following attributes of i3P marketplaces:

  •  Projects in i3P are aligned with economic development maps designed to efficiently achieve planned economic complexity landscape
  •  Furnishing a disruptive transformational frog-leaping platform to efficiently execute national economic plans and vision
  •  Optimizing the execution of fiscal and monetary strategies via micro-regulation
  •  Adopting innovative monetary policies to handle the hyper-dynamics of chaotic trends of financial instruments, and monetary digitization
  •  Optimize resource utilization, thereby minimizing cost, and maximizing mobilization of resources.
  •  Optimizing economic growth via digital intelligence accelerated economy
  •  Resolve chronic unemployment impediments via innovative employment models