Our Marketplace

This market places promotes the trading of innovative business models called Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT).

Once a project is approved to be implemented as BOT, a new BOT portfolio, and BOT Micro-shares (BMS) are created. BMSs are traded via this market by enabling the efficient interaction between the stakeholders (public sectors, private sectors, investors, regulators, and complementors)

This marketplace promotes the efficient generation, bidding, and financing of tenders by furnishing efficient platform for transactional interaction between tendering-side, bidding-side, investors, government, regulators, and complementors.

In this TMP market, the entire tendering and bidding life cycles are digitized, controlled by rigorously digitized governance, and leverages the access of alternative financing to all parties.

This market enables regulated trading of human resources by furnishing a digitized marketplace that leverages the efficient interaction between the offering side, bidding side, regulators, and complementors.

Since the most critical and prominent factor that determines the survival and growth of any organization are the human resources, RMP is designed to minimize resource cost and mudas (wastes), optimize resource utilization and productivity, accelerate resource mobilization and demobilization, and facilitate the access to financing.

This marketplace enables the factoring, trading, and exchange of invoices by facilitating the interaction between the receivable-side, payable-side, regulators, investors, and complementors.

The efficiency and uniqueness of IMP stems on an innovative concept called Partitioned Invoice Exchange (PIE) that enables the division of invoices into much more atomic parts, and making these partitions to be traded via IMP. This makes the market more universal, i.e, small, medium, and large-sized investors to interact in the marketplace as well as provide a vehicle for risk optimization via diversification.

This marketplace enables the efficient interaction between property owners, real-estate developers, customers, investors, complementors, and regulators to facilitate the financing, development, and trading of real-estate properties.

The entire life cycle is digitized thereby optimizing the transparency via real time monitoring. Besides, this facilitates seamlessly the access to innovative financing such as crowd funding, micro-financing, digital-financing, incentive-financing .... etc.

This marketplace facilitates entrepreneurial businesses (EB) to access crowd financing, crowd sourcing, crowd innovation, and crowd operation. EMP enables the orchestration of complex digitized contracts to promote and regulate optimal multi-dimensional support to EBs.

In summary, this market brings together EBs, private-sectors, public-sector, regulators, investors, and complementors to mutually capitalize on prosperous entrepreneurial business models.